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Insane Labz Redrum

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REDRUM by Insane Labz is one of the top stimulant pre workouts ever formulated. REDRUM combines the effects of Ampiberry and OxyGold with Agmatine Sulfate for an amazing ingredient delivery that could lead to murderous pumps in the gym.

  • STRENGTH ENERGY FOCUS. Redrum is formulated to maximize pumps and give you a clean burst of energy during your workout with no crash afterwards. How is that possible? Redrum is infused with Infinergy, a specialty form of caffeine bonded with malic acid. This allows for a dramatic energy level spikes with a boost of athletic performance.
  • NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTER. Not only is Redrum a top pre workout, it will also boost you Nitric Oxide levels to give you vein bursting pumps. Agmatine Sulfate and Beta-Alanine is a proven ingredient for rapid NO production.
  • MAD CHEMIST GUARANTEE. Insane Labz prides itself on the highest quality ingredients to go along with the top products on the market. When you order Insane Labz supplements, you know you are getting an unparalleled product unmatched by any other company out there.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED INGREDIENTS. Redrum is packed full of the best ingredients on the market. L-Taurine. Beta Alanine,Yohimbine, Infinergy, Niacin, and B12. All these are tied together with AMPiberry and OXYgold for maximum absorption and optimization.


If you are wanting to MURDER your workout then you need to try REDRUM with our legendary vascularity enhancer Insane Veinz. So what is the strongest pre workout on the market?


Well Insane Labz® manufactures the top 5 and REDRUM fits right in the mix.


Directions For Use: As a dietary supplement for adults, access your tolerance by taking 1/2 serving and gradually working up to full serving with 8-10 oz of water and consume 30 before workout. Do not consume more than recommended dosage.