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Hanks Protein Peanut Spreads

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Our plain or natural flavor high protein nut spread is the first of the three original spreads ever created by Hank’s.

This spread laid the foundation some years ago and is the base in recipe formulation for all of the others today. Ironically our plain flavor nut spread really isn’t plain at all. We have added a twist; a distinct flavoring system with a vanilla base, combining whey isolate and whey concentrate proteins…. and that’s what separates our “plain” or natural flavor from all other nut butters. 

And of course, so does the 10 grams of protein. However it is the way in which the ingredients are prepared, blended and mixed, making a final product that distances itself from all of the others. All you need to do is compare for yourself. You will immediately conclude that there is nothing “plain” about our plain high protein nut spread.



Allow me to introduce you to the number 1 most popular flavor of Hank’s High Protein Spreads; Chocolate Chip. Starting from the days where making “peanut butter” was just a hobby and 2 factory’s later, Chocolate Chip has been our most popular nut butter spread.

Using only an ounce of chocolate chips, most people who try it for the first time think there is more than one ounce. Why? Because grinding creates heat and when chocolate is strategically placed by hand during the grinding process, that heat disperses the chocolate evenly throughout the pound.

Our signature product consistency, texture and “spreadability” if you will, is what makes Hank’s protein spreads the most popular high protein brand, especially amongst the fitness community. Our goal is to make Hank’s a household name and we are sure that when that happens, Chocolate Chip will still be Number 1!



What would a nut butter product be without something with a banana flare? Hank’s just would not be complete!! So about a year ago I thought to reintroduce something banana. Some time ago we did have a banana high protein nut spread, however at the time, it always lagged behind the others.

There is no lack of interest this time around however. Our NEW banana spread is topped with about one ounce of vanilla crumbles….as with Snickerdoodle’s vanilla and cinnamon, our banana vanilla crumble offers the perfect fusion of two distinct flavors, banana and vanilla. And as with Coconut, you don’t need to be a lover of Banana to appreciate what this high protein spread has to offer.

If you haven’t tried this one yet because you aren’t crazy about banana, you really need to try our version of what a banana nut spread should taste like. If the flavor doesn’t get you our unique texture and consistency will. This is not a Gluten Free flavor.



If you are familiar with our number one high protein product, Chocolate Chip, then you may also be familiar with our second most popular flavor, Snickerdoodle. Solely based on popularity, Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle have been one and two respectively in popularity since the very beginning.

Snickerdoodle is a specific blend of vanilla and cinnamon flavors and not pieces of snickers bars like some people would hope!!! As the mixing process begins, cinnamon is added first to ensure a proper coating onto the entire 50 pounds of nut stock. Once that is complete, our protein is added in along with Stevia, flax, salt. In order to avoid clumping and settling of the heavier ingredients, our mixing and blending process for all flavors takes approximately 5 minutes. This may seem like a long time but it guarantees an even blend of every ingredient.

So you may be surprised that there are no snicker bar pieces in this nut butter. However you won’t be disappointed in what you are taste……a perfectly blended fusion of cinnamon and vanilla!!



I have always been of the opinion that one needs to be a coconut lover in order to buy anything with a coconut taste. Interestingly our coconut high protein spread appeals to just about everyone. Using a flavoring system with a natural coconut base added to our whey isolate and concentrate blend of protein, this spread is topped with an ounce of a desiccated coconut. This type of coconut is 100% natural and contains minimal amounts of only one preservative.

Our coconut does not contain poly-propylene glycol; a common coconut preservative and a chemical used in the manufacturing of anti-freeze. So whether or not you’re a lover of coconut you are going to love the versatility of this spread. It is not overpowering and it is not super sweet. It is just right!



What would a nut butter company be without a flavor that included pretzels? It would be an incomplete nut butter company is the answer! Hank’s White Chocolate Pretzel was created and released six months ago and has been a top 5 seller ever since.

White chocolate is a very difficult flavor to reproduce in a nut butter simply because the flavor of nuts usually overpowers a white chocolate flavor. The only way to remedy that is by adding a ton of sugar, sometimes up to 7-10 grams per serving like some companies do. This is a practice common to many companies. But not at Hank’s. So instead we worked until the flavoring system of white chocolate protein was as potent as possible, without adding sugar!

We use a yogurt covered pretzel that seems to add just enough sweetness to the nut butter without being overwhelming and without losing the white chocolate taste. In fact they enhance the white chocolate flavor. As with all of our toppings and additions to our nut butters, we use approximately an ounce of pretzels as the topping. It renders a slight crunch and a mild sweetness to a white chocolate flavored product. White Chocolate Pretzel is here to stay.



Our new Confetti Cake high protein spread truly is a celebration. You will agree upon 1st taste that it is probably our best nut butter spread yet. First the consistency is the same as all of the other peanut spreads….light and almost airy throughout. Hank’s Protein Plus is unlike anything you have tasted from all of the other like-companies. Theirs all seem heavy almost waxy in their consistency and with an after taste.

We have blended a light caramel and vanilla system of flavors, amping them up and scaling them down until I felt as though YOU our fan base would accept it as perfect. Our Sprinkles add 3/4 of an ounce of “added sugar” to 15 two-tablespoon servings.

We have mixed some into and placed the rest of the sprinkles on top so that when you open the container it would remind you of the inside of one of your favorite Birthday Cake celebrations……your own Confetti Cake High Protein Spread! Shelf Life: 12 months from the made date.

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